Handy Pump Station Servicing in Romford

Minimise your chance of breakdown with our all-inclusive pump station servicing solutions. Here at AV Pumps Ltd, based in Romford, London, we know how paramount regular servicing is to pump tanks; to help reduce the odds of emergency repairs or tanker drainage being needed. Our advice is to have your pump pit and tank cleaned frequently, to remove the larger solids that don’t get flushed away by the pumps, such as bottles, caps, plastics, and other similar items.

Extensive Checks

During an AV Pumps Ltd servicing, all pumps are pulled and checked, as well as all pipework. All electrical components are tested by our fully qualified electricians and test sheets are provided to you on completion. If at any time we find any damaged equipment or faults, this will be brought to your attention in a detailed report. What’s more, we’ll also provide photo evidence within the report. If any further costs are required, we’ll inform you and keep you updated at all times.

Fully Prepared

All our vehicles carry confined space equipment, which is certified and in date; plus, our engineers hold all of the most relevant qualifications.

Regular Contracts

At AV Pumps Ltd, we service all models of pumps, even those not installed by us. What’s more, we also set up regular maintenance contracts to ensure that the equipment lasts longer and runs efficiently.

Get in touch with us, in Romford, London, for further information on our pump tank and pump station servicing.

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